Our Training Programmes

  • All our programmes take clients age, fitness level , sex and genetic make-up into consideration , making sure anybody can take part in our programme offers.

    • Sports conditioning
    Designed for clients that need to get into optoimal shape and fitness. Either for a specific event or competition, or a position specific goal which needs to be reached . We aim to maximse your performance through a programme that is drawn up to your specific training needs and physical make up.

    • Weight loss/tone up
    Programme that is designed to attack your body fat , tone up your body and involve a stringent calorie and food intake watch to ensure that every goal nutitional and physical is achieved , whether big or small . No hiding here!

    • Flex and stretch
    Programme incorporates a step by step full body flexibility routine that helps with circulation, de-stress, migraine’, better body mobility , flexibility across all joints, lower back and hamstring release. Popular with clients and sportsmen alike who notice improved movement from everyday activities to less injuries on the field.

    • Body science xterra
    This one is a tough programme that incorporates multi joint movement and stamina
    And takes you across all the forms of exercise and pushes you to limit, not for softies!

    • Muscle gain and bulk up
    For our clients who have suffered from muscular atrophy due to injury, operation or sickness, also very popular with contact sportsmen where muscle and power are needed to bring results, or simply just a better body image.

    • Reflex and plyometric training
    Programme that incorporates hand eye coordination, agility , speed work , explosive and reactive training using plyometric exercise which can be done by all

    • Cardiovascular disease reduction
    Programme consists of strict exercise monitoring, heart rate control and an implemented exercise programme to combat cholesterol and obesity , young and old. Please take note that this programme can only commence once clearing from your medical doctor has been given if you are over the age of 35 years old.

    • Group training
    Come train with your friend, get reduced rates and enjoy reaching your fitness goals together or come join our boot camp session if you would like to train in a group of 4 or more...that added friendly competition works best , it’s fun and outdoors!

    • Swimfit and Water aquatics
    Come cool down in the pool, try our low impact aquatic sessions, or get stuck into a swim programme and get fit in the sunshine.

    • Top up sessions
    Pop in for fitness test or check up or a extra session on top of your programme for a quick 30min sweat or come get your programme updated by a professional if you training by yourself to ensure you moving on the right track. Cheap, quick and easy!